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POLi Casinos for NZ Players

Written by Ralph Trayfalgar

POLi casinos offer some of the most popular and convenient payment processing in NZ.   The rise of POLi online casinos only serves as further evidence of their growth. If you have been looking for the best casinos that accept POLi payments, our guide will give you all of that and more.

Best POLi Casinos for Kiwis in 2022

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Top Casinos Accepting Poli Payments

Although POLi was primarily developed and marketed for use by online retailers and storefronts, both old and new casinos sites have recently started to integrate it into their list of accepted casino payment processors. 

Recognising this trend, we at InsideCasino have kept track of these POLi online casinos in NZ and have created a database of reviews for these casino sites. We hope that this would serve as a helpful reference for Kiwi gamblers to find the best gambling experiences that accept POLi.

How to Play at POLi Casinos

With the help of our informational resources and expert NZ online casino reviews here at InsideCasino, you can get started playing on the best POLi casinos in just a few minutes. Just follow the four simple steps below:

Choose an online casino

1. Choose an online casino.

You should have no trouble finding a POLi casino from our extensive and growing library of casino reviews.

Read our review

2. Read our reviews.

Our online casino reviews are written by gambling experts and should give you a good impression of the gambling experience at the online casino of your choice.

Sign up at any online casino

3. Sign up for the POLi casino.

Once a POLi casino catches your fancy, check out the site directly and sign up for an account. The process will only take a few minutes.

Deposit and play

4. Deposit and play!

Just make your casino deposit through POLi and your funds will enter your account in just a few minutes.

How POLi Works

As any online shopping enthusiast would attest, POLi is an easy and convenient instant banking service that has the specific perk of being native to New Zealand and Australia, which gives real money casino operators a payment process that is especially convenient for Kiwi gamblers. 

Unlike other payment processors, POLi keeps itself very simple.  Similar to instant banking casinos transfers, the platform bridges your online bank and the online casino directly to facilitate the transaction. At first glance, this might just seem like online banking with extra steps; but there are a few quirks and benefits to using this payment processor that we will go into greater detail later.

Using POLi at NZ Online Casinos 

Transacting with POLi at supported online casinos is quite easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Start a deposit request. Make sure to select POLi as your deposit method on the casino deposit screen. 
  1. Enter the deposit amount you want. Do keep in mind that POLi is not a credit-based payment method; your deposit amount will be limited by how much money is in your bank account (among other things). 
  1. Log into your online bank. A new window should pop up in which POLi will ask you to log into your online bank account. 
  1. Confirm the transaction. Once you’ve logged in, POLi will give you an extra step to review your transaction before you confirm the transfer. 

POLi Casino Fees

POLi does not incur any fees when making transactions through the service. However, you may have to deal with transaction fees from your bank.

POLi Casino Bonuses NZ

With the wide range of NZ sites that accept POLi casino payments nowadays, Kiwi players can have their pick from just as many online casino bonuses. To learn more about the bonuses you can claim, you will have to look through our reviews of the casinos directly; we’ve listed some of the most common bonuses you will find at POLi casinos below:

POLi Deposit Amounts

POLi connects to your bank account to process transactions with online casinos, which means you can deposit some seriously large amounts if you really wanted to. However, POLi can also process very small deposit amounts for Kiwi gamblers with lower budgets. Some of the popular deposit amounts among NZ online casinos include:

POLi Casinos vs. Other Payment Methods

Being an instant banking service, there really isn’t a lot you need to learn before you can use POLi easily for your Poli casino deposits. that is worth keeping in mind whether you are already using it or are still considering the service.

Before we go further, though, it should be noted that the following pros and cons are not strictly good or bad in all cases. As such, you should consider all of our following points based on what you need from your ideal casino payment method


No Account Required: Saving you a few extra steps in adding funds to your online casino account, POLi does not require you to sign up for an account with them.  All they need is your bank account with online banking enabled. 

Wide Acceptance in NZ and AU: Since it is based in New Zealand and Australia, POLi is widely accepted by banks and merchants in NZ. Kiwi players shouldn’t have any trouble transacting with online casinos if they have an account with an NZ bank account. 

High Transaction Limits: Since POLi takes funds directly from your online bank account, the transaction limits through POLi are much higher than in other methods. The only caveat to this is that your deposit limit can instead be limited by other things, like the deposit cap of the online casino you’re adding funds to.

Secure Payments from Anywhere: POLi payment services are locked down with industry-standard security features, allowing you to safely transact with your NZ online casino account even from the comfort of your smartphone.


No Withdrawals: POLi is a payment-only service, which means that you won’t be able to withdraw funds from your online casino account with POLi. You will need a separate payment method to get your funds out. 

Requires Bank Details: Given that POLi is an instant banking service similar to Instadebit, you will need to not only have a bank account, but also provide its details to POLi to make a transaction. This isn’t necessarily a con in all cases, but do keep in mind that there is a bit of risk involved with using your online bank for online gambling. 

Limited Overseas Coverage: POLi may be very convenient for Kiwi gamblers as the payment processor is popular here, but the same can’t be said outside the country. You will have a pretty hard time finding non-NZ casinos that accept payments through POLi. 

Alternatives to POLi for NZ Online Casino Players

While POLi is a great casino payment method in and of itself, it may not be the best for all Kiwi gamblers in all cases, especially the fact that you will need a separate payment processor to handle withdrawals. With that in mind, we’ve placed a few handy links to other great alternative payment methods you can use alongside POLi: 

POLi Casino FAQs

Is POLi available in New Zealand?

Yes, POLi is available in New Zealand, and is widely recognised as a trusted payment processor by many of the country’s banks.

Can I use POLi at NZ online casinos?

Yes, you can use POLi at NZ online casinos, so long as the casino itself actually accepts POLi as a payment method. You can find the best POLi online casino sites with our casino review list here at InsideCasino.

How do I cash out with POLi?

Unfortunately, there is no way to cash out with POLi, which means that you will need to have a secondary payment method available to handle casino withdrawals.

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