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POLi casinos offer some of the most popular and convenient payment processing in NZ. The rise of players using Poli only serves as further evidence of their growth. If you have been looking for the best casino accepting poli payments, our guide will give you all of that and more.

Best Poli Payment Casino (May)

What is Poli?

Poli payments are popular in New Zealand and Australia, having been primarily developed and marketed for use by online retailers and storefronts, both old and new casinos sites have recently started to integrate it into their list of accepted casino payment processors. 

Recognising this trend, we at InsideCasino have kept track of these POLi online casinos in NZ and have created a list  of reviews for these casino sites. We hope that this would serve as a helpful reference for Kiwi gamblers to find the best gambling experiences that accept POLi.

How Poli Works

As any online shopping enthusiast would attest, Poli is an easy and convenient instant banking service that has the specific perk of being native to New Zealand and Australia, which gives real money casino operators a payment process that is especially convenient for Kiwi gamblers.

Unlike other payment processors, POLi keeps itself very simple. Similar to instant bank transfers, the platform bridges your online bank and the online casino directly to facilitate the transaction. At first glance, this might just seem like online banking with extra steps; but there are a few quirks and benefits to using this payment processor that we will go into greater detail later.

How to Play at POLi Casino Site

With the help of our informational resources and expert casino reviews here at InsideCasino, you can get started playing on the best POLi casinos in just a few minutes. Just follow the four simple steps below:

Choose an online casino

1. Choose a Poli casino.

You should have no trouble finding a POLi casino from our extensive and growing library of casino reviews

Read our review

2. Read our reviews.

Our gambling reviews are written by experts and should give you a good impression of the gambling experience at the online casino of your choice.

Sign up at any online casino

3. Register at the Poli casino.

Once a Poli casino catches your fancy, check out the site directly and sign up for an account. The process will only take a few minutes.

Deposit and play

4. Deposit and play!

Just make your casino deposit through POLi and your funds will enter your account in just a few minutes.

Using POli at NZ Online Casinos 

Transacting with POLi at supported online casinos is quite easy, just follow the steps below:

Poli Withdrawals at NZ Casinos

Poli payments are swift, but when it comes to withdrawing money, the procedure may be a little more difficult. It is possible to withdraw money with this method, and several casinos do provide POLi as an alternative for withdrawals. However, there are additional sign-up steps that must be completed, which may be time consuming, and you will be subject to a nominal cost. We strongly suggest that you make use of an electronic wallet, such as Neteller or Paysafe, in the event that you have won money and want to withdraw it. If none of these are an option for you, you should be able to also withdraw your winnings via bank transfer, although this will be a longer process. 

POLi Casino Fees

POLi does not incur any fees when making transactions through the service. However, you may have to deal with transaction fees from your bank. In addition, players won't have to provide any credit card information in order to make gambling transfers into their accounts. Those individuals who like maintaining such sensitive information outside of iGaming casino servers will be especially grateful for this feature.

The normal range of free spin offers are also available at a poli casino, such as welcome bonuses or daily and weekly loyalty promos. It is also able to provide you free spins when you make a deposit using POLi at an online casino, but it is also able to credit your account with free spins even if you do not make a transaction. You might, for instance, receive free spins on your Poli account without having to make a deposit, on special occasions.

Poli Casino Bonuses NZ

With the wide range of NZ sites that accept POLi casino payments nowadays, Kiwi players can have their pick from just as many online casino bonuses. To learn more about the bonuses you can claim, you will have to look through our reviews of the casinos directly; we've listed some of the most common bonuses you will find at POLi casinos.

  1. Poli casino free spins

    The vast majority of high-quality POLi casino websites provide free spins as a bonus feature. You are able to play online pokies for free if the promotion includes them and you have a bonus that gives you free spins. On the other hand, if you win and satisfy the requirements for the bonus, you will be able to cash out your winnings using POLi or one of the other available payment methods.

    The normal range of free spin offers are also available at a poli casino, such as welcome bonuses or daily and weekly loyalty promos. It is also able to provide free spins when you make a deposit using POLi at an online casino, but it is also able to credit your account with free spins even if you do not make a transaction. You might, for instance, receive free spins on your Poli account without having to make a deposit, on special occasions.

  2. Poli casino with a deposit match bonus

    The majority of POLi bonuses that you are eligible for will require a POLi deposit before you can claim them at an online casino. Because of this, the vast majority of free spins promotions and deposit bonuses may only be triggered as part of a deposit bonus that meets the requirements.
    Fortunately, POLi deposits make you eligible for almost all of these promotions. So, all you need to do is read the bonus terms and see what the minimum deposit is to activate the promo. Do that, and your POLi payment will initiate the bonus.

  3. Cashback Poli casino sites

    The Poli cashback bonuses allow you to recoup part of your money if you make certain bets and those bets end up costing you money yet qualify for the payback bonus. Cashback payouts at eligible New Zealand casinos can be up to 20% or even more of the player’s total losses. Along the same lines as free spins, payback percentages are a common component of loyalty and VIP programs. When it comes to loyalty programs, the general rule is that you will receive higher payback percentages if you make larger deposits and place a greater number of bets that meet the requirements.

  4. No deposit bonus Poli casinos

    With no deposit bonuses at NZ casinos, you don’t have to make a deposit to receive the free cash. If you sign up with some New Zealand POLi pay casinos without making an initial deposit, you may be eligible for a no deposit bonus. These are known as “no deposit required” welcome incentives. Existing players at other POLi NZ casinos will be eligible for no-deposit bonuses. These incentives are available at various times, such as during special promotions, when players reach certain milestones in the casino, on their birthdays, when they invite friends to join, and so on.

POLi Deposit Amounts

POLi connects to your bank account to process transactions with online casinos, which means you can deposit some seriously large amounts if you really wanted to. However, POLi can also process very small deposit amounts for Kiwi gamblers with lower budgets. Some of the popular deposit amounts among NZ online casinos include:

$1 Poli casino sites

The $1 poli casino is becoming more popular in NZ as more and more Kiwis are looking to get into gambling but can neither afford nor are willing to shell out large deposits. $1 deposit casino sites with poli represent the pinnacle of the solution to this problem.  By lowering the barrier of entry, these casino sites allow more players to join and get a taster before making larger deposits.

$5 Poli casino sites

While one can understand that casinos make money, is a $5 Poli casino that much better than one that asks for $20 or more? The low deposits being offered by Poli casino sites in NZ usually means that the games you can bet on are pretty limited. This, of course, is understandable and  $5 deposits typically don't get you very far. Or at least, that would be the case in a land-based casino. 

Which NZ banks accept Poli?

It is not difficult to discover a bank in NZ or Australia that accepts Poli pay since the Poli payment method is becoming an increasingly popular option for making payments in the country. Of course, banking landscapes can change and institutions could update their platform policies, making it difficult for poli transactions to take place.  Currently, 10 of the top banks accepting Poli are:

Alternatives to POLi for NZ Casino Players

While POLi is a great casino payment method in and of itself, it may not be the best for all Kiwi gamblers in all cases, especially the fact that you will need a separate payment processor to handle withdrawals. With that in mind, we've placed a few handy links to other great alternative payment methods you can use alongside POLi.


The well-known Neosurf card is quickly becoming a viable payment option for use with an increasing number of gambling sites.  Similar to using Poli payments, players can add dollars to their casino account using prepaid cards like Neosurf, which eliminates the need to provide any confidential information in the process. Our team of experts has evaluated the most reputable Neosurf casinos and explain how the system operates.


Paysafecard is a pre-paid card that may be used to make transactions made on the internet. When you are making gambling deposits, you are not needed to provide any personally identifiable financial information such as credit card or bank account details. When it comes to making deposits of real money into an online gambling account, a Paysafe payment has fees that are either completely free or exceptionally cheap, compared to Poli’s. The process of making a deposit does not cost anything. It does not cost anything to have an online account either, but there is a price of $3 if you want to protect your pin number.


Players in NZ are showing an increased interest in playing at Much Better casinos.  The majority of gamblers are well knowledgeable about the many different online payment processors that are competing in this more concentrated sector. However, it would appear that aside from casinos with MuchBetter, the primary focus of each of them is on offering their services to regular clients for conventional operations such as shopping and money transfers. Very few businesses, if any at all, have ever made an effort to particularly sell themselves to internet gamblers in the same way that Poli have succeeded at.

POLi Casinos vs. Other Payment Methods

Being an instant banking service, there really isn't a lot you need to learn before you can use the method for your Poli casino deposits, it is worth keeping in mind whether you are already using it or are still considering the service. Before we go further, though, it should be noted that the following pros and cons are not strictly good or bad in all cases. As such, you should consider all of our following points based on what you need from your ideal casino payment method.

Poli Casino Pros and Cons

Every single payment processor will come with its own unique blend of benefits and drawbacks. In order to help you decide whether or not POLi casinos are the correct choice for you, we have developed a summary of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using it.


No Account Required: Saving you a few extra steps in adding funds to your online casino account, POLi does not require you to sign up for an account with them.  All they need is your bank account with online banking enabled. 

Wide Acceptance in NZ and AU: Since it is based in New Zealand and Australia, POLi is widely accepted by banks and merchants in NZ. Kiwi players shouldn't have any trouble transacting with online casinos if they have an account with an NZ bank account. 

High Transaction Limits: Since POLi takes funds directly from your online bank account, the transaction limits through POLi are much higher than in other methods. The only caveat to this is that your deposit limit can instead be limited by other things, like the deposit cap of the online casino you're adding funds to.

Secure Payments from Anywhere: POLi payment services are locked down with industry-standard security features, allowing you to safely transact with your NZ online casino account even from the comfort of your smartphone.


No Withdrawals: POLi is mainly a payment-only service, which means that you won't be able to withdraw funds from your online casino account with POLi. You will need a separate payment method to get your funds out. 

Requires Bank Details: Given that POLi is an instant banking service similar to Instadebit, you will need to not only have a bank account, but also provide its details to POLi to make a transaction. This isn't necessarily a con in all cases, but do keep in mind that there is a bit of risk involved with using your online bank for online gambling. 

Limited Overseas Coverage: POLi may be very convenient for Kiwi gamblers as the payment processor is popular here, but the same can't be said outside the country. You will have a pretty hard time finding non-NZ casinos that accept payments through POLi. 


For making poli gambling transactions, this method is a safe, simple, and secure option. In New Zealand, the number of sites that take the Poli payment method is growing, and we anticipate that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future. When you play on a site that accepts Poli, you are also eligible for many of the bonuses that are otherwise excluded due to high transaction fees.

As we've established in this POLi review, this banking option is an excellent choice for all Kiwi players to choose during for gambling transactions. In general, the benefits exceed the drawbacks, however one of the most significant disadvantages is that withdrawals generally cannot be made using POLi.

POLi Casino FAQs

Is POLi available in New Zealand?

Yes, POLi is available in New Zealand, and is widely recognised as a trusted payment processor.

Can I use POLi at NZ online casinos?

Yes, you can use POLi at NZ online casinos, so long as the casino itself actually accepts POLi as a payment method. You can find the best POLi online casino sites with our casino review list here at InsideCasino.

How do I cash out with POLi?

Unfortunately, there is no way to cash out with POLi, which means that you will need to have a secondary payment method available to handle casino withdrawals.

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