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The online gambling sector has evolved significantly since its humble beginnings at the turn of the 21st century. Beautiful, sleek, and sophisticated, New Zealand’s best online casinos have all of the amenities we’ve come to expect from the latest web-based technology. With hundreds of online casinos and a steady increase in the number of new ones every year, the competition in the online casino market is only going to get tougher as time goes on.

So, how did we make it here? How did a digital branch of a well-established traditional entertainment sector become a titan in its own right? And, as new online casinos enter the market on a regular basis, are these new sites worth considering over the established brands that have defined the market? We will cover all of that in this page.

Casombie Casino Review (NZ)

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SkyCity Online Casino Review (NZ)

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Playzee Casino Review (NZ)

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National Casino Review (NZ)

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Katsubet Casino Review (NZ)

NZ$500 Bonus +100 Free Spins

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WildTornado Casino Review (NZ)

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  • Neosurf
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Sunpura Casino NZ Review

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Jonny Jackpot Casino Review (NZ)

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Energy Casino Review (NZ)

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Abo Casino Review NZ

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The Evolution of Online Casinos

The history of the online casino, like that of most of the gaming business, is difficult to establish definitively. Many specifics of the narrative have either been obscured over the years or become muddied with “facts” circulating through the Internet, as they so often do. Having said that, there are a few important milestones that allow us to piece together how the online casino came about.

The Birth of the Online Casino

For one thing, we know that the creation of online casinos corresponded with the increasing popularity of the Internet in the late 1990s—after all, no online casino site would survive if players couldn’t access it. However, internet casinos would not completely flourish until three key components of the industry matured: gaming software, payment processing, and legal restrictions.

According to our knowledge, the first casino game software was released in 1994 by Isle of Man developer Microgaming. It’s unclear what game they created, but Microgaming says it was part of the catalogue that accompanied their (and probably the world’s) first online casino, The Gaming Club.

Cryptologic was one of the first firms to address the issue of safe payment. They were founded in Toronto in 1995 and invented the first safe online payment processing system, which they licensed to online casino operators.

In terms of legality, the burgeoning online gaming sector was still a hazy area in many areas of the world, even as some countries attempted to outright prohibit them in the 2000s. 

These three developments would lay the groundwork for the real money casino industry’s subsequent rise in the 2000s and beyond.

What to Look for in New Online Casinos

Now that we’ve examined the history of online casinos, let’s take a look at what the industry has to offer now. With tough competition in the expanding New Zealand gambling market, new online casinos are going all out to attract new customers. However, while there are some benefits to signing up at a new online casino, there are also a few areas of concern that you should be aware of, which we have listed below.

Pros of New Online Casinos


1. Extensive Welcome Bonuses

One of the most difficult challenges for any new online casino is attracting players in the first place. Fortunately, there is a rather easy technique to attract these new players: generous welcome bonuses. These incentives are often in the form of free spins in certain games, deposit bonuses, or a mix of the two.

Of course, giving away your whole online casino experience for free to new players is not a profitable business plan. To get around this, online casino operators would usually tie these incentives to the simple requirement of “making a first deposit.” This guarantees that the casino receives at least some compensation for each new sign-up.

Another strategy is to make the bonuses non-cashable, which is commonly employed by casinos that provide no-deposit bonuses. This gives new players a certain amount of credit to spend anyway they see fit in the casino, but it prevents the money from being withdrawn.

2. Loyalty Programs and Gamification

Getting new clients is one thing, but keeping them instead of switching to another online casino is a very different task. This is especially true considering the number of new casinos competing for market share in their respective target markets. However, online casino businesses, like the ones stated above, have client retention strategies. A loyalty incentives system is one such strategy.

These loyalty schemes, similar to the “comps” system prevalent in traditional land-based casinos, provide players with redeemable reload bonuses, credits or bonus spins in exchange for continuing patronage of their online casino. 

Gamification is another new approach to the rewards system that has gained a lot of attention. This is a mechanic that engages users through common video game mechanics such as leaderboards, quests/tasks, and levelling,- which are then reinforced with rewards to encourage players to come back for more.

3. Cutting-edge Technology

Many of the strategies used by new online casino operators to increase player retention would not be feasible without the usage of cutting-edge technology on their websites. Because these casinos were constructed much later, developers had access to more modern design and development technologies, allowing them to provide players with a more streamlined user experience.

This is never more evident than in the use of HTML5 in the online gambling business. HTML5 is the most recent evolution of HTML, which is essentially the backbone of the modern internet. HTML5’s capability for complex graphics and animations within the HTML framework is one of its most significant advancements. This would enable developers to embed complicated online apps, such as mobile casinos, straight into their websites, and have them viewable on contemporary web browsers on any platform—computers, tablets, and smartphones alike.

Web applications on your website were already possible owing to technologies like Flash; in fact, Flash was the dominating platform in many of the top online casinos played by Canadians for many years. However, as time passed, Flash’s features were surpassed by HTML5’s advancements in performance and security, and web browsers finally dropped support for Flash in 2017, leaving all Flash applications obsolete.

So, what does this indicate for today’s market? To respond to this transition in technology, online casino providers that first designed their sites and games in Flash were compelled to migrate to HTML5. This transfer, however, was not without difficulty, particularly for producers like Microgaming, which had previously released a substantial portion of their library in Flash.

Cons of New Online Casinos

Of course, not every facet of running an online casino in New Zealand is necessarily improved when done from scratch. Here are some of the concerns that players should be aware of while exploring these newer sites.

1. Trustworthiness and security

The fact that experienced casinos have an established and renowned brand name is undoubtedly the most significant advantage they have over their rookie competitors. And, more often than not, this reputation lends credibility to the marketing materials of these older casinos.

Of course, this does not imply that all new online casinos are immediately untrustworthy. What we mean is that it is critical to be aware of the licenses and accreditations that online casinos should have, and make sure that the online casino you are signing up for holds those licenses.

2. Customer Care

Capital is also at the heart of another difficulty for new operators: providing active customer service. Customer care at an online casino, unlike in a land-based casino, is often handled by dedicated support employees, and keeping such a team (that is also active and knowledgeable) is not inexpensive. Extending the casino’s contact options beyond email merely adds to the expense, particularly for live phone service.

As a result, players must be aware of the contact methods and customer service availability of younger online casinos, as some may choose to reduce this area of their operation to save money.

3. Smaller Games Catalogs

The majority of significant casino game developers built the majority of their game libraries in Flash rather than the new HTML5 standard. This is a problem for newer online casinos because many of these older games are no longer supported by the most recent platforms owing to security and performance concerns.

The more challenging problem for these fledgling casinos may be getting a huge library of games into their repertoire in the first place. Unless the online casino’s developer creates and publishes their own games, online casino games must be licensed from third-party developers. And, because licensing these games may rapidly become prohibitively expensive, operators lacking the cash flow of industry experts will be forced to go live with a rather restricted variety of games for the first year or two.

Are New Online Casinos Better than the Old?

Having said that, the issue remains: which of the two is superior?

Well, it depends.

Choosing whether to play at a newer or older online casino is mostly a question of personal choice. Whether the casino has been in business for two years or twenty, every player should be cautious while checking out any online casino for the first time.

As previously said, trustworthiness is undoubtedly the most crucial element to consider when picking a casino to play at. While we stated that more established online casinos often have an edge in this regard, this is not always the case.

Consider an older casino that has been in the industry for, say, 15 years. Their reputation has long been established in its early years, and it is a big selling element for the majority of the casino’s player base.

Let’s also imagine, though, that a scandal erupts when it is discovered that hundreds of players were surreptitiously being defrauded out of their money. Of course, such an occurrence would leave a lasting stain on the online casino’s otherwise clean reputation and illustrious past.

Casino Evaluations

Essentially, we believe that no online casino, new or old, should ever be entirely trusted, particularly when you plan to play with real money. It is critical for players to prevent themselves from being duped and to seek out casinos that foster a true sense of trust.

And one of the simplest ways to establish that sense of trust is to ask others to do it for you. You can easily read up on people’s experiences with any of the casinos you’re thinking about joining thanks to internet forums and user review sites. That way, you may have a sense of what to expect without spending any money.

Another fantastic place to look for casino reviews is on websites like Inside Casino. Outlets like ours provide New Zealand players with valuable peace of mind by giving extensive reviews of all of the most popular online casinos on the Internet so they don’t have to.

How We Evaluate Online Casinos

Inside Casino has a specialized staff of reviewers who thoroughly examine every online casino that comes across our desk. All of the online casinos that we suggest for New Zealand customers must fulfill our stringent criteria in the following areas:

Secure Payments

Gambling has always had a serious undertone, and this is especially true when real money is involved. When we assess new online casinos, we make certain that their money processing methods are reliable and convenient, allowing for seamless transactions with no suspicious delays or difficulties.

Game Selection

Above all, we aim to ensure that the games on offer are engaging and of good quality. We hunt for games from reputable developers that we believe will give enjoyable gaming experiences, and any unique games are extensively tested by our team.

Customer Service

Of course, if players encounter any problems, a good online casino will have the proper customer service mechanisms in place to address them. In this regard, our staff evaluates the online casino’s customer service choices using test scenarios to establish their level of help.

Legal Compliance

In the same spirit, our reviewers look for and confirm that any casino that receives our recommendation is in excellent legal standing in terms of licensing registration with competent authorities, and compliance with player safety legislation.

Play at the Best New Online Casinos in New Zealand

Whether you prefer poker, blackjack, roulette, or plain old slots, there has never been a better moment for Canadian online casino gamers. Due to the fierce rivalry in the sector, there has been a lot of innovation, and casino developers and operators are continuously coming up with new and innovative methods to entice players into their sites.

We hope that this brief overview has given you a sense of what to anticipate from the sector in the future, as well as increase your understanding of the pros and cons of these new online casinos.