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There are many Mastercard casinos online in NZ and they are one of the most trusted forms of casino payment alongside Visa. However, with some recent developments that could potentially ban the use of credit cards for New Zealand gambling, players will be relying on their Mastercard debit cards instead.  Our experts have reviewed the top Mastercard casinos in NZ.


What are Mastercard debit cards?

In most respects, debit cards provided by Mastercard are no different from their credit cards; both have access to the full reach of the Mastercard network, which has industry-leading security, accessibility, and speed.

However, debit cards instead take directly from the money in your savings or current accounts—in other words, they function like an ATM card that has direct access to your bank account's funds. One of its main advantages here is that gamblers will only be able to spend the money that they actually have. This is actually the primary reason why credit cards were banned in the UK, as their gambling commission found that credit cards strongly contributed to irresponsible gambling. 

Beyond that, Mastercard debit cards really aren't that different from credit cards and can withdraw and deposit funds just as easily.


To deposit money for your online casino account with a Mastercard debit card, simply select your payment method on checkout, specifying the amount that you want to deposit. Of course, you will need an online casino account first in order to do this, but we'll assume that you already have one for the sake of brevity. 

Upon completing the transaction, it should only take a few minutes for the money to show up in your online casino account, ready to be used. It should be noted that there aren't any fees for depositing to an online casino account through Mastercard. 


Because Mastercard debit cards are essentially direct lines to your bank account, they are a valid option for withdrawing funds from your online casino account. The process is no different from withdrawals through most other payment options, although this time, the funds will take a few days to process before it shows up in your account. 

Unlike deposits, withdrawals do have a transaction fee of at least 2%, so do keep this in mind.

Is Mastercard safe?

There's no doubt that Mastercard transactions are safe because they're one of the most widely accepted payment methods in the world. Security must be maintained throughout the whole transaction process—not just the card issuer—to provide a genuinely safe transaction. This is mitigated by the use of SSL encryption and Mastercard's own anti-fraud mechanisms, but there will always be some danger when making any real money transaction, especially with online casinos.

What online casino sites accept Mastercard?

It shouldn't be too difficult to discover an NZ real money casino that takes Mastercard as a form of payment because of the company's size and influence. However, if you somehow haven't found any, we've put together a list of some of the best and safest online casinos that support them.

Should you use Mastercard?

As with most things in life, it depends. Mastercard, being one of the most reputable casino payment processors in New Zealand, well, in the world, has a lot going for it in terms of features and capabilities. They have some of the best security and anti-fraud features of any banking network, ensuring secure transactions every time.

However, there is the issue of choosing whether to use Mastercard's credit cards or debit cards. We explained earlier that debit cards are generally better if you don't have the best grip on your money, as there is a very strict limit as to what you can spend; however, some players might not like this idea either.

It is always best to compare and contrast other payment methods so that you can find the one that works best for you and your online gaming habits. 

MasterCard Casino FAQs

Can I use Mastercard at an online casino?

Yes, you can use Mastercard at most online casinos in New Zealand. It is one of the most recognised and trusted casino payment methods of all and is used all over the world.

What online casinos accept Mastercard?

Mastercard is one of the most recognised and trusted payment methods of all and is used in many online casinos. We have reviewed the top Mastercard casinos in New Zealand.

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