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Live dealer casinos are the hottest and most dominant trend in New Zealand’s casino market. This fusion of digital and physical gaming is the culmination of decades of technological advancement in the online gambling industry and is now one of the best ways to experience the thrills of the casino. We review and showcase the best live casinos for NZ players.

Live Casinos Online (July)

History of Live Casinos

It’s safe to say that the iGaming industry has come a long way before reaching this point. Gambling online at a real money casino was not even possible when Microgaming’s first online casino launched in 1995 since safe internet financial transfers weren’t widely available. It was only after Cryptologic came out with a secure online transaction platform a year later that people were able to play with real money.

Things began to move swiftly after this breakthrough, but early websites, especially online casinos, were hindered by poor and unpredictable connection speeds. Thankfully, the speed and reliability of Internet services improved greatly since the launch of broadband in the latter half of the 1990s. The first interactive live casino platforms were developed once online casino game developers had a firm framework from which to start.

Live Casinos Then

It was Planet Poker that would be the first to release a live casino platform for public use in 1998. Thanks to faster connections that could (almost) keep up with the transfer rate of streaming data, casino players could now play in real-time. Other innovations like stream buffering (that is, sending game data to the computer in advance) massively improved the online gaming experience, especially for those with unstable Internet connections.

Live Casinos Now

Poor-quality video streaming would become a thing of the past thanks to ever-increasing online casino software, as well as dramatically increased internet speeds. Because of these constant advancements, live dealer gamers from New Zealand may now enjoy uninterrupted HD broadcasting and trustworthy platforms to play the best live casino games on.

Digital Vs. Live Dealer Games

Traditional internet table games, while entertaining, are unable to provide the same level of immersion. Consequently, most serious gamblers now prefer to play live dealer casino games. In a live casino, you may communicate and engage with real-life dealers and other players you are seated with at a virtual table. It’s impossible to get this same sense of camaraderie and competition with computer table games  In addition, typical digital games hold a reputation for being unfair and unreliable.

For many players in New Zealand, the idea of entrusting one’s money and trust to a random number generator doesn’t inspire much confidence. In contrast, having a real-life croupier, who is both human and tangible, is a more tempting proposition.

What makes a good Live Dealer Casino?

Although there really is no replacing the visceral experience of playing in a real casino, live dealer casinos have been able to replicate a lot of its lights and sounds. Besides that, live online casinos also have a few other benefits over their land-based counterparts, a few of which we’ve listed below.

Multiple Live Dealer Casino Platforms

Traditional casino table games like poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat may now be played in a variety of ways thanks to software provided to Evolution Gaming casinos and casinos with Extreme Live Gaming There are also a number of online casinos that are open 24 hours a day, so you have the option of playing whenever you want. In-game features such as live chat and statistics have been greatly improved, and the game itself is much more enjoyable as a result.

Professional Croupiers and Dealers

The way croupiers are trained for the live setting is another example of how far live casino gambling has progressed. For the first time, the standards of brick-and-mortar establishments and live environments are being held to the same high standards. Furthermore, specialized schools like Malta’s online live casino academy teach dealers for a career in front of the cameras, making this point even clearer.

Croupiers in the majority of live casinos now need substantial training. Live dealer games are sourced from Evolution and Netent Live, both of which have very strict requirements for croupiers because of these high standards. There are instances when things can get out of hand online due to the pranks of other players, but croupiers keep the game flowing like normal in all but the rarest of circumstances. Any online gambling experience can benefit from having a live dealer, as they bring authenticity, colour, and value. Live dealers may also perform 8-hour shifts in order to keep up with the 24-hour operation’s demands.

Innovations in Streaming Technology

Live casino gaming companies like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt Live, and Microgaming continue to push the boundaries by utilizing the most advanced technologies. For one, these developers often have dedicated studios that have been tailored to the needs of online casino operators. Evolution Gaming in particular is most notable for expanding their video streaming options through these studios to accommodate players who want the best quality possible and those with less-than-ideal network conditions.

Some big-name online casinos opt to have their own live casino suites installed and run on-site. This lets the casino use its own staff while promoting its brick-and-mortar venues to live casino game customers. Evolution, for example, provides installation services and all the equipment needed to set up a live dealer casino broadcast, including cameras, lighting, monitors, and microphones.

Mobile Live Casinos

One of the most astounding examples of how far technology has come in the last twenty years can be seen in how you can now play casino on your mobile. Thanks to advancements in the capabilities of mobile devices, Kiwi players could now take the live casino experience wherever they please. Live casino games can be tailored for tablet and mobile platforms by live dealers. These live environments have easy user interfaces and roughly match the capabilities of their larger desktop relatives because they were specifically optimized for mobile operating systems.

How Live Dealer Games Work

Blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are some of the most popular live casino games today. If you’d like to see how these games are played in a live online casino atmosphere, please continue reading.

Live Dealer Blackjack

The live blackjack dealer sits at a specially-marked empty table, much like in the brick-and-mortar version. You’ll notice that the shoe on their left (your right) is shuffled frequently and slightly tilted toward a dim red light coming from the table. This light is actually a barcode scanner, which scans markings or chips embedded in each card to make sure that the cards in play on the physical table are always in sync with the cards displayed on the game software.

The faux-felt table has the house rules scrawled on it. The player is greeted by “Sit here” buttons that are digitally superimposed. Once everyone has seated themselves, the dealer begins to deal and the game progresses the same way as it is done in real life.

Live Dealer Baccarat

The best Baccarat casinos, popular in Macau, are becoming more popular than those with blackjack. There are no restrictions on the number of persons who can participate in a game; as many people as needed can wager on either the “banker” or the “player,” and they can do so at any moment. The player and the banker each receive two cards face-up. The goal is to score as many points as possible in order to reach 9 points. A banker win, a player win, or a draw are all conceivable results. Dynamic camera cuts are used by some of the best live dealer casinos to accentuate the game’s speed.

Some live versions, especially those designed by Evolution, up the stakes by requiring participants to play their hands under specific time constraints similar to the baccarat played at real tables in Macau. This results in more dynamic and challenging gameplay that emphasizes quick-witted decision-making.

Live Dealer Roulette

Almost exactly like a brick-and-mortar casino, the dealer and mechanical wheel are present in a live dealer roulette game. However, the player does have some control over the virtual display’s geographical geography. Players have the option to use a 3D digital reconstruction of a land-based table layout to imitate the 2D betting layout of the conventional online game.

Live Dealer Poker

Online Poker is one of the best examples of a traditional casino table game making a successful transition to the digital world. In fact, it was through poker games that live casino gaming got its start.  Three-card poker, Caribbean stud poker, and Texas Hold’em are now among the most popular variations among New Zealand players. Played with a single deck of 52 cards, all live versions follow the same rules as their land-based counterparts.

Find the Best NZ Live Dealer Games with InsideCasino

At InsideCasino, live dealer games are one of our most stringently-tested games when writing New Zealand online casino reviews. A casino’s ability to offer a great live dealer gaming experience is what sets the best apart from the rest, and it is a huge disadvantage for those who don’t, especially considering that live gaming has become one of the most popular ways to experience casino games nowadays.

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