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Online poker casinos are amongst the most popular gambling scenes in the world. As the topic of countless movies, novels, and TV series over its rich history, it’s hard to find a casino in New Zealand that doesn’t have a poker table.

Although it is traditionally played at a table with tangible cards and players, online casino game developers have managed to bridge the gap between physical and digital poker such that the only real difference between them is that one can be played on-the-go with one’s phone.

Best Online Poker Casinos for Kiwis

The Fundamentals of Poker

The purpose of poker is to have the highest-valued hand at the end of the game, regardless of the many variations that have developed during its lengthy history. We’ll use Texas Hold’em as an example to demonstrate this point.

The dealer begins the game by dealing out two cards to each of the other players, followed by the placement of five “community cards.” cards. The “flop” (the first three cards dealt face-up) is then revealed, and the betting starts. Before the next round of betting begins, the fourth community card (the “turn”) is flipped face-up by each player once their activities on the betting round have been finished.

There is one more community card to flip after that (the “river”), and then it’s time for the “showdown,” in which everyone reveals their cards. The winner is the last person who hasn’t folded or has the most valuable cards in their hand and community cards during the showdown.


Poker Casino Games Variants

Online poker players are spoilt for choice when it comes to different variants available at NZ live casinos.  Variants can vary a little depending on which country the live casino is based.  The good thing about playing online is that you have access to them all at your fingertips.  The following variants are the most popular for online poker players in NZ.



Second, only to Texas Hold’em in terms of popularity, Omaha poker has a few key differences. Instead of two cards, the player is dealt four. He must also use at least two of them to form a poker hand. Additionally, one of the cards must be dealt face-up.


Five Card Stud

Five-Card Stud is the oldest poker version of all and is often seen in US westerns. Players are initially dealt two cards, one face-down and the other face-up. A series of betting rounds then take place with participants receiving an additional three cards. The best five-card hand wins the pot.


Seven-Card Stud

This classic version of poker is played with seven hole cards with the aim of forming the best five-card hand. As with Hold’em there are five community cards with players allowed to exchange as many of their own cards as they wish.



The objective of Razz Poker is to create the lowest hand possible from five cards. Featuring the same dealing method as a seven-card stud, it is usually played with a maximum of eight participants. Betting amounts are also fixed for each round.


Poker Card Rankings

Having a thorough understanding of the ranks and values of poker hands is essential for developing winning game tactics. The following are the poker hands that are utilized in all poker varieties, listed from the highest to the lowest value.


Name Description
Royal Flush A straight flush with the ace as the highest value.
Straight Flush A full hand in sequential order of the same suit.
Four of a Kind Four of the same value card (ignores suits).
Full House A separate three of a kind and a pair (ignores suits).
Flush A full hand of the same suit (ignores value).
Straight A full hand in sequential order (ignores suits).
Three of a Kind Three of the same value card (ignores suits).
Two Pair Two separate pairs (ignores suits).
One Pair A single pair.
High Card No combination; value based on the highest card.



On any of the betting rounds, each player has the opportunity to do one of a number of acts during his or her turn. These are the activities that will be taken:

  • Bet: This function places a bet.
  • Check: This passes your turn without putting a wager.
  • Raise: This places a wager with a higher value than the wager placed previously.
  • Call: This places a bet that matches the preceding wager.
  • Fold: This means giving up the game (as well as any bets you’ve already placed into the pot).


Where can I play poker online in NZ?

Although certain poker varieties will be less widespread than others, poker games are generally easy to find in live dealer casinos in NZ

Consider your options carefully while searching for an online casino to play at. With so many different casino bonuses and offers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the one that best matches your needs. Take into consideration the casino’s reputation, site security, customer service, 24-hour help, and any reward programs that are provided. Take a look at their payment processing capabilities as well – you wouldn’t want to commit to an online casino if you can’t easily deposit or withdraw your funds.

Getting information about an online casino’s performance from other people is another excellent approach to receiving quick and reliable information, which is exactly what we at InsideCasino do best. If you’re interested in learning more about the best online casinos in New Zealand, stay tuned to our latest reviews.

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