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By Dale Shelabarger, Updated:

You’ve read our reviews. You’ve seen the offers. You’ve played some demo pokies and a round of blackjack against six others on a table. Maybe you even know how to play craps (not likely). Read on for the good news when it comes to parting with your money. You’ve chosen the casino that looks right for you and now you want to deposit some hard-earned cash to dangle in cyberspace – no longer yours but not quite lost. But here’s the good news: you have options. You know about debit cards. You know about credit cards. You know what a bank account is. You might even have one or six. Maybe you’re concerned about internet security and identity fraud.  It’s time to weigh up the options…

E-Wallet Casinos

If you are a cybersecurity sceptic, or you don’t like entering your payment details into every website you join, then using an E-Wallet service like PayPal is perfect. When depositing, you don’t have to re-enter your card number or bank details, simply login to your digital wallet account and get playing. You’ll have all your payment details already set up. In addition, you won’t have to provide your personal details to every casino you sign up for.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind – firstly, some of these services have transaction and exchange fees. Secondly, make sure your E-Wallet isn’t connected to an out-of-date debit card or bank account. This could cause some unnecessary hassle. When you get a new debit card, update the details. Which E-Wallet is for you? PayPal is patently the best known. Also available: Skrill, Neteller. But beware – sometimes deposits with these lesser-known E-Wallets can mean that you’re ineligible for first deposit bonuses on certain casinos.

Credit Card Casinos

As is the case in all walks of life, there are upsides and downsides to using a credit card; the niggling fees, the crippling interest rates and honestly, nobody likes being in debt. However, they do offer an extra layer of financial protection if, for example, the casino happens to go bust and can’t pay your balance back. So, you can make a claim to the credit card company before you’ve lost money for good.

Wire Transfer Casinos

Transfer money straight from your bank account. Though it cuts out the middlemen, it often has a longer processing period than other payment methods. Even for depositing some money to get started, it can take up to three days for the cash to reach the casino.

Pay by Phone Casinos

Then you’ve got those platforms that have made pay-by-mobile casinos highly sought-after among mobile players. Boku is the most prominent of these new services and is extremely easy to use. It works with almost any browser and does not require you to enter any bank details – in some instances, you don’t even have to set up an account. All deposits that you make are either added to your monthly phone bill or taken out of your credit card.

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