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Entercash casinos were popular in New Zealand, until the Malta-based fintech firm sold to Trustly in 2019.   Supervised by the Central Bank of Malta, Entercash boasted extremely broad coverage, serving up to 100 million users in over 12 countries. 


How Did Entercash Work?

Similarly to the ease of making deposits when you play at an online casino with PayPal, Entercash were popular for making casino payments simple. To make use of Entercash, you didn't need to link your credit card or bank account. The simplicity of making gambling transactions made it especially popular for NZ players.

Making Entercash transactions began by logging into your online banking account. After that, you would select the account from which you wanted to withdraw funds for the transaction. If you didn't have a current account, the funds would automatically be taken from your linked savings account.

Following that, you would need to confirm the transaction using your bank's web interface. More recently, this was done using two-factor authentication (2FA), which transmits a code via a separate way to authenticate the transaction. This is usually received as an SMS text message on your mobile, which made it even easier if you prefer to play on a mobile online casino. There was also a function to authenticate the transaction via your smartphone's fingerprint scanner.

Finally, all you had to was wait for the cash to transfer, which was always quick, and then you were ready to gamble with real money. Your bank statement entries showed up as "Entercash," which made it nice and easy to track the transactions.

Using Entercash on online casinos
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Entercash Acquired by Trustly

Entercash was acquired by Sweden-based online payments company Trustly, in 2019. Financial details of the deal weren't disclosed. The transaction made a lot of sense and was popular among those who had experience playing Trustly casinos online. Both fintech companies had similar products, so they simply merged their products into 1 and gathered a lot more customers in the process.

According to Trustly CFO Jonas Palmqvist, one of the leading reasons for acquiring Entercash, was to get access to their team. Their team have some of the best experience in their field which meant they were highly sought after.

Entercash was created in 2010 and it made significant waves in the fintech online payments industry, all the way up to its acquisition in 2019. Making such an impact, was a testament to the strength of the team behind the company.

Heavyweights Nordic Capital acquired Trustly in 2018, only a few months before the Trustly Entercash transaction. Having access to significant funding and with such a strong team in place, means that the future is very bright for this group of companies.

Entercash Casino FAQs

Can I use Entercash at an online casino?

Entercash is no longer available to use on online casinos. Entercash was acquired by payments provider Trustly, in 2019.

What online casinos accept Entercash?

There are no longer any casinos that except Entercash. Entercash no longer exists, as it was acquired by competing payment provider Trustly, in 2019.

Did Tustly buy Entercash?

Yes, Trustly purchased leading payment provider Entercash, back in 2019, for an undisclosed sum.

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