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Among NZ’s online casinos, deposit match bonuses are by far the most common. Managing to be both easily accessible and very valuable, deposit match bonuses let new Kiwi gamblers get the most out of their first time at the online casino. And in this guide, we will be showing you everything you need to know about these bonuses and the best places to get them.

Top Deposit Bonus Casinos for Kiwis

Finding the Best Deposit Match Bonuses

Deposit match bonuses (often just called ‘deposit bonuses’) are popular among online casino operators because of the instant revenue it brings in from new players. After all, the transaction is pretty straightforward: gamblers give the casino real money, and the casino gives extra playing credits in return.

Look for new NZ casinos online with deposit welcome offers and you’ll easily find yourself deluged with hundreds of sites that each offer slight variations. That’s where our reviews come in.  Our recommended online casinos have been thoroughly vetted by a team of casino experts and gambling enthusiasts that understand what a player wants, to have the best online gambling experience.

How to Claim Match Deposit Bonuses NZ

Every online casino under the sun should, if they haven’t already, make the process of claiming match deposit bonuses as easy for the player as possible. Barring some variations, you can claim an NZ casino match deposit bonus with the four steps below:

  1. Choose a match deposit bonus. You can browse through our list of NZ match deposit casinos as a good place to get started.
  2. Read the casino reviews. Each of the casinos we’ve catalogued over the years have received expert casino reviews by the InsideCasino team to give you the most accurate impression of their gaming experience before you even sign up.
  3. Sign up for the online casino. If a casino site has tickled your fancy, go to their site through our link and sign up for an account.
  4. Deposit and claim your bonus! To finally claim your bonus, all you need is to make your first deposit and your bonus will show up in your account once the deposit has been processed.

How Deposit Match Bonuses Work

Deposit match bonuses at NZ casinos are quite simple, as our short tutorial above will attest to. However, not all deposit match bonuses are created equal. Different operators have different ideas of going about marketing to Kiwi gamblers, which results in variations like:

  • 100% Deposit Bonus up to NZ$1,600 over 4 deposits ( Jackpot City Casino )
  • Up to NZ$1,000 No Wagering Welcome Package over 4 deposits (Wolfy Casino)
  • 177% Deposit Bonus with 77 Free Spins on Platinum Lightning ( 7 Bit Casino )

If you aren’t already well-acquainted with online casino marketing speak, strap in as we break down these bonus terms in detail.

Match Deposit Bonus Value

The big headline of any match deposit bonus NZ is, of course, the bonus value. Thanks to a few tricks used in the bonus terms, many NZ casino operators are able to get away with bonus values in the thousands of dollars; generally speaking, though, you would still want to get a larger bonus rather than a smaller one.

The Spinland welcome bonus is a great example of this, giving players up to a whopping bonus of up to NZ$3,000, if the player maxes out the bonus.

Match Deposit Percentages

The main factor of deposit bonuses that Kiwi players look at is the match percentage; this refers to how much of your deposit will be chipped in by the casino as added game credits.

For example, Casimba Casino has a welcome bonus offer that gives 200% of your deposit up to NZ$5,000. This means that, if you want to get the full 5,000 dollars on offer, you will also need to deposit NZ$2,500.

Number of Deposits

One of the ways that NZ casino sites manage to offer such large bonuses is by splitting the total offer into multiple deposits. By doing this, casino operators can entice players to shell out more money as they can bury lower-valued bonus percentages in the later deposits.

As an example, let’s look at the NZ$2,500 Welcome Pack from King Billy Casino NZ. While massive at face value, a dig through the T&Cs will find that the total bonus amount is split into 4 deposits:

  • the first deposit is 100% up to NZ$500;
  • the second deposit is 50% up to NZ$500;
  • the third deposit is 25% up to NZ$1,000; and
  • the fourth deposit is 75% up to NZ$500.

Of course, all you see up front is the shiny NZ$2500 max bonus payout; what you don’t realise is that, to actually get that full bonus, you will need to deposit ($500/1) + ($500/0.5) + ($1000/0.25) + ($500/0.75) = $6,166.67.

Wagering Requirements

Of course, let us not forget the bane of every Kiwi player ever – the wagering requirements. A standard offering in most (but not all) casino bonuses, they can also be found in NZ match deposit bonuses in varying degrees. While they usually hover around 20x to 30x, higher and lower wagering requirements can also be found depending on the bonus values and the match percentages.  The highest wagering requirements are often found in free spins welcome bonuses and can sometimes reach 60x.

Deposit Match Bonuses vs. Other Bonuses

Deposit match bonuses are by no means your only option when gambling online in NZ. With no deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, loyalty cashback bonuses and many more you can find out there, how do you know that the match bonus is the right one for you to play with?

To help you make your decision, we’ve condensed everything we’ve discussed thus far into a few handy pros and cons that will weigh all of their benefits and drawbacks compared to no deposit bonuses and other competing variations.

Advantages of Deposit Match Bonus Casinos

Large Bonus Amounts

Against other NZ casino site bonuses, match deposit bonuses boast the largest bonus amounts by far. Since you will need to pay for the privilege in the first place, casino operators are more willing to shell out larger amounts of bonus cash to more strongly encourage players to do so.

Lower Wagering Requirements

The already sparse amount of free money you get from a no deposit bonus is compounded by extremely high wagering requirements.  This is not so, with deposit match bonuses and they are far more likely to attach wagering requirements of 20x-30x before we factor in low wagering casinos that ask for 10x or even less.

Wide Variety and Availability

As we’ve pointed out several times throughout the article, deposit match bonuses are extremely common, which also lends itself to producing a wider variety of these bonuses. From short and sweet first deposit bonuses to massive multi-deposit packages worth thousands of dollars, you have all manner of options to choose from depending on your specific needs.

Disadvantages of Deposit Match Casinos

Buy Before You Try

Low-budget players will likely be turned away by the up-front payment requirement for match deposit bonuses. This is especially true when we consider that many of the online casinos in NZ that offer match deposits will have minimum deposit amounts of $10 or $20. This counts this type of welcome bonus out of the picture, if you are signing up to a 1 deposit casino or 5 deposit casino.

Expensive to Max Out

Since you do have to give money to receive money from the deposit bonus, the amount of money you have to pony up can pile up quickly the larger the casino’s match deposit bonus is. Even a relatively innocuous 100% match bonus of NZ$500 will still need you to shell out NZ$500 of your own money to get the most out of it.

Deposit Match Bonus FAQs

What is a match deposit bonus?

A match deposit bonus is an online casino bonus in which the casino matches some percentage of your real money deposit to give back to you as extra casino credit.

How does a first deposit bonus work?

A first deposit bonus at casinos works just like any match bonus, except that it can sometimes apply to more than your first deposit made by a newly created account.

How do I withdraw my casino deposit bonus?

You can withdraw your casino deposit bonus through the withdrawal page of your online casino account. In order to be eligible for this, though, you will need to have fulfilled the wagering requirement of the bonus, which varies depending on the casino.

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