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Diners Club casinos are not something you find every day.  In fact, most casino players in New Zealand may have never even heard of it. However, Diners Club is integral to the history of the credit card as we know it today, and on this page, we will examine a bit of its history and its capabilities so you can decide whether to use it when you play at online casinos in NZ.  


What is Diners Club?

Diners Club is now a part of Discover's network of banks. Most Diners Club cards are credit cards just like a Mastercard or Visa. As long as the retailer allows them as a payment option, they work the same way. Although Diners Club cards are still accepted at numerous businesses and online establishments throughout the world, their use is less common than that of Visa and Mastercard. Diners Club, on the other hand, has a far longer history.

History of Diners Club

Founded in 1950, Diners Club was pioneered by Frank MacNamara, who invented the first-ever credit card. In company legend, the tale of how he came to develop it is known as the "First Supper." 

As the story goes, MacNamara and his wife were out to dinner with clients at Majors Cabin Grill in New York City when he realized he'd forgotten his wallet in another outfit. His wife was forced to bail him out and cover the full bill. 

Embarrassed by the incident, Frank MacNamara would later discuss his idea with the restaurant owner and lawyer Ralph Schneider to launch Diners Club, returning to the restaurant with a cardboard card that he used to pay for his meal., This was the first recorded use of the "charge card".

How Charge Cards Work

Functionally speaking, charge cards fall between the credit card and the debit card. Diners Club will advance the cash and then bill the consumer for the entire amount each month after the purchase. Unlike a credit card, you do not have to pay the entire amount due at the end of each month; instead, you pay a fixed monthly sum. Interest accrues even if there are no late penalties, but it's not a big deal. Customers' bank accounts are linked to their debit cards, so funds may be withdrawn directly from those accounts.

By 1967, Diners Club reached the peak of its popularity, having gained acceptance in over 130 countries—more than the number of United Nations members at the time. However, it would since fail to reclaim its former glory, despite being under the leadership of one of America's most influential business leaders. 

Using Diners Club at Online Casinos

Depositing with Diners Club credit cards is the same as using any other credit card casino payments. There is no need to enter any other information, such as a phone number or email address. The only real issue here is to find online casinos in New Zealand that actually accept it.

Luckily for you, this is InsideCasino, and we've gone ahead and done the work to compile the following list of casinos that support Diners Club cards. 

Diners Club Casino FAQs

Can I use Diners Club card at online casinos?

Yes, you can use a Diners Club card at an online casino and can be used in exactly the same way as Mastercard or Visa credit cards.

What online casinos accept Diners Club cards?

When a casino accepts Diners Club credit cards as a deposit method, the mechanics are the same as when you use a Mastercard or Visa credit card. We have compiled a list of Diners Club casinos in New Zealand that you can check out.

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