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Prepaid virtual debit card Entropay was popular amongst online casino players in NZ.  This payment method fitted somewhere in between an e-wallet and a traditional bank debit card. When Entropay launched, its popularity increased amongst the online gambling community.  They adopt a hassle-free approach to transactions and their fees for gambling transactions were lower than some of their main competitors.

Much to the dismay of Entropay’s casino-playing customers, they ceased operating in 2019, when their agreement with VISA came to an end.

Casinos with Entropay

How Did EntroPay Work?

EntroPay worked in a way that allowed you to create your own virtual credit card, fast and simply. Entropay worked in a similar way to prepaid cards that allow you to play an online VISA casino. Entropay also allowed casino players to delete their cards details quickly and easily if they thought their security had been compromised.

The Bank of Valletta issued the Entropay company with Visa cards. The Bank of Valleta was governed by the Financial Conduct Authority and licensed by VISA Europe. Entropay cards were purchased in GBP, EUR, or USD and were just as safe and secure as bank accounts and debit cards. 

One of Entropay's promises was that there would be no bank fees, interest rates, penalties, or late fees. If you used your debit card or bank account to load money onto an Entropay card, there were very few little hiccups. Using an Entropay card to make online payments and withdrawals incurred a small cost of 1% to 2%.

What Happened to Entropay?

Despite Entropay being a popular casino payment method among players, the company closed its doors. Maybe the company became too popular! Entropay services were tied into an agreement with VISA. For reasons that were not made public, VISA did not renew their contract and the Entropay product was discontinued on 1st July 2019.

EntroPay FAQs

Is EntroPay closed?

Yes, Entropay closed on 1st July 2019. VISA decided to end their agreement, which consequently meant that Entropay was unable to continue operating.

Can I use EntroPay at an online casino?

No, you cannot use EntroPay at online casinos. EntroPay closed its business in 2019 after VISA informed them that they were cancelling their contract.

What online casinos accept EntroPay?

There are currently no online casinos that accept EntroPay because the company ceased to exist in 2019, after VISA decided to end their business partnership.

Alternative Casino Payment Options

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