Ladbrokes reveals community wagering feature through new Mates Mode

By Ralph Trayfalgar, Updated:

Ladbrokes, a gambling and sports betting company, demonstrates how betting brings people together through their new community wagering feature called Mates Mode.

Ladbrokes recently released an advert that depicts the camaraderie of four friends who do everything together as a group. The new campaign, which was developed by creative advertising firm The Monkeys, which is a subsidiary of Accenture Interactive, is part of the betting group's continuing 'Ladbroke It Together' marketing campaign in the country.

Mates Mode distinguishes Ladbrokes in Australia as the first bookmaker to allow its customers to interact with one another while betting on a mobile app. When using the Ladbrokes mobile app, customers can chat with one another, share tips, and start separate betting pots with their friends.

The release of the advert, was the responsibility of Entain’s chief marketing officer Mr. James Burnett, who is also responsible for NZ’s Party Casino. Burnett said: “For our Ladbrokes punters, we’re thrilled to now offer them Mates Mode. We know there is nothing more enjoyable than experiencing racing and sport with mates, so we’ve mirrored this experience through our new best-in-class gambling product, Mates Mode, for our customers, and we hope our new campaign leaves our customers smiling.”

Ladbrokes is well-known for its humorous advertisements, despite the fact that they do not always appeal to the preferences of regulators in the areas in which the company does business.

An advertising campaign by the operator in the UK was required to be taken down by the Advertising Standards Authority in 2021 because it was judged to promote "socially irresponsible gambling behavior." 

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