AIHL partners with Sportradar to improve broadcast reach

By Ralph Trayfalgar, Updated:

The Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) has signed a partnership with sports content solutions provider Sportradar as part of AIHL’s push to expand its reach to sports fans worldwide.

Under the terms of the partnership, Sportradar will have access to the audio-visual distribution rights for the AIHL in all regions except Australia and New Zealand.

This partnership will continue through 2024, during which time Sportradar will implement a variety of technologies and automation features with the goal of improving the quality of video production and capturing data from live games. In order to accomplish this, the business is making use of its Connected Stadium technology, which will be implemented in a variety of different physical locations.

The goal of the AIHL is to connect with audiences all around the world, and the league is now working with Sportradar because it views this partnership as a stepping stone to even more success.

Sportradar’s Connected Stadium technology will be implemented at six different league stadiums and will provide an enhanced viewing experience with the higher overall quality. This will also feature some of the more well-known ones, such as the O'Brien Icehouse in Melbourne, for example.

Through its specialized Universal Fraud Detection System, Sportradar is also able to defend the integrity of sports competitions against manipulation and fraud. The UFDS has established itself to be one of the most powerful tools in the battle against match-fixing and corruption in sports, helping to ensure that global betting markets are monitored in real-time and that warning flags are swiftly forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

With the incorporation of AHIL, Sportradar now has access to ten different ice hockey leagues. This gives the company the ability to not only have a better overall understanding of the industry but also to generate high-value data that is distributed to various partners, most notably sportsbooks.

David Edwards, director of sports media and sports partnerships at Sportradar, expressed excitement about the new partnership with the AIHL. He referred to the collaboration as a promising chance for the company to showcase its gambling technology prowess and lend help to the federation on an international scale.

Earlier in April, Sportradar and the police agreed to extend their previous collaboration and extend their Memorandum of Understanding in order to continue working together to combat fraud and corruption in sports. During the same month, Sportradar expanded its cooperation with NASCAR by providing the sanctioning body with its Sportradar Integrity Services. 

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