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European Roulette NZ

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European Roulette NZ

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The game of roulette has come a long way since the creation of the first primitive version, often attributed to 17th century French mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal. Since then it has evolved into a game loved by players around the world for its simplicity and the excitement it generates. Among the many variants of the game available to play at today’s NZ online casinos, European Roulette remains the most popular, thanks in the main, to the low house edge it offers players.

Basic Rules and Betting Limits

European Roulette rules are uncomplicated. Although house guidelines will make some small differences they remain essentially the same across the different versions of the game. The player bets on the ball landing on a specific number or group of numbers and bet against the house and not other players. Betting limits, controlled by the house, range from as little as a few pennies up to many thousands of pounds. It’s a scenario which makes the game accessible to players of all levels of skill and experience. The roulette wheel consists of alternating red and black numbered pockets although the table layout will differ depending on the version of roulette played.
  • The European wheel has 37 pockets with only one zero.
  • As a comparison, the American wheel has 38 pockets including a zero and a double zero.
How to Play European Roulette The basic European Roulette rules could not be more straightforward with most online casinos offering instructions and tips to support new players. Guided by house rules, players decide, after considering the payout odds, how much they want to bet. In European Roulette online the players are guided by a series of buttons and actions.
  • Select chip – the amount you want to bet.
  • Click on table (action) – where you want to bet
  • Spin– sets the game in motion
  • Clear – clears all bets from the table
  • Undo – clears the last bet from the table
  • Redo – reinstates the last cleared bet
Once all the bets are made, the wheel and the ball, which goes in the opposite direction, spins. When the wheel slows, the ball will drop into and then settle in one of the pockets. The winners are then paid and the next game begins. All numbers are selected using a Random Number Generator (RNG) which is independently tested and certified.

Types of Bets Which can be Placed in European Roulette

Bets which fall into inside and outside categories can be placed on one or more numbers whether it’s red or black, odd or even.
  • Straight up Bet – One numbered covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 35:1.
  • Corner Bet – Four numbers covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 8:1
  • Split Bet – Two numbers covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 17:1.
  • Line Bet – Six numbers covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 5:1.
  • Street Bet – Three numbers covered (inside bet). Payout odds are 11:1.
  • Even Odd Bet – Eighteen numbers covered (outside bet). Payout odds are 1:1
  • Colour Bet – Eighteen numbers covered (outside bet). Payout odds are 1:1.
  • High Low Bet – Eighteen numbers covered (outside bet). Payout odds are 1:1.
  • Column Bet – Twelve numbers covered (outside bet). Payout odds are 2:1.
  • Should the ball settle in the zero pocket the player can take back half of his bet.
A type of bet that some players may not be familiar with is La Partage, (not universally available) an even money play where half your bet is returned if the ball lands in the zero pocket.

Best Places to Play European Roulette Online

The criteria for selecting the European Roulette casino that best suits you is the same whatever the game you want to play. Compare promotions and offers carefully but look also at casino reputation, site security and customer service 24/7 support. Are there chat facilities with moderators?  Most importantly take some time to read through the Terms and Conditions and read the reviews from real players which are posted online. What are the differences between the various types of software platform?  Some of the best-known software providers in the gaming industry are:
  • Novomatic
  • Playtech
  • Net entertainment (NetEnt)
  • Microgaming Casinos
To see what each software system offers, in terms of graphics and audio quality, try the play free European Roulette option, which most casinos provide. It’s also a great way to learn the rules and develop your own strategic approach to the game.

Summary of European Roulette

Play European Roulette and you have an engrossing and fun game to enjoy. The ease with which the well signposted system guides you smoothly through the betting and play functions should dispel any uncertainties. Most European Roulette games can be played on PC, Android device or iPad and iPhone. While your device will automatically adjust to give you optimum performance, using 4g or a wireless connection is recommended where possible.